The 10 Best Grade Laser Levels of 2023

Grade laser levels are rotary lasers with the extra ability to set and grade slopes automatically or manually. They are significantly precise, sturdy, durable, and easy to use. Grade laser levels are perfect for various projects like drainage, landscaping, and construction tasks. 

They are also helpful for projects requiring single, dual, or level grades. Grade laser levels squares, levels, and aligns faster and easier than other types of laser levels. However, choosing the right one for your project can be overwhelming.

In this guide, you will examine critical factors to consider to help you buy the best grade laser levels!

Features to Consider Before Buying Grade Laser Levels 

Here are some features to look out for before buying the grade laser level that will handle your next project:

1. Self-leveling or Manual Leveling? 

Before buying your grade laser level, you must decide whether you want one with manual leveling, self-leveling, or both. Manual leveling requires regular adjustments to be mounted straight on a surface. This will, in turn, create a straight line. Grade levels with manual leveling usually come with intuitive regular spirit levels that help to ensure your tool is level. 

On the other hand, self-leveling grade laser levels will automatically adjust themselves so they can level on any surface and send out laser beams. While they are more expensive than manual leveling, using a self-leveling grade laser tool will save you from time-consuming and error-prone readings. You will always get accurate measurements with self-leveling grade laser levels. The same cannot be said of manual leveling grade laser levels. 

2. Green Beam Vs. Red Beam 

Many professionals go for grade laser levels with green beams because they are more visible to the eyes in indoor and outdoor applications. Red beams are better suited for indoor applications. They are also easier to emit compared to green beams. So, the battery life of red beams is usually longer than green beams. Also, green beams are more expensive than red beams. The type of project you want to do will determine the beam your grade laser level will have. 

3. Power Source 

The power source of all grade laser levels is the battery. The most popular types are the Li-ion and alkaline batteries. When choosing the battery for your grade laser level, it is better to go for the rechargeable ones. Make this a priority if you will regularly use your grade laser level. Also, check the tool’s description to know how long your battery will last after a full charge. This will let you plan how to charge them when they are low.

Additionally, check if your grade laser comes with a low battery indicator. You’d not want your laser level going off on you suddenly in the middle of a project. Also, remember that the type of beam you choose will determine how long your battery will last. A grade laser level with red beams will last longer than a grade laser level with green levels. This is because green beams use more energy than their red counterparts. 

4. DustProof and Waterproof 

The IP rating of the grade laser level you want to choose is another factor you must consider. Grade laser levels are usually used for construction projects. So, go for models resistant to debris and water. Even if you are not using your grade laser level for any outdoor project, water can pour on it while using it indoors. Also, your grade laser level can be exposed to some dust or debris while using it indoors. For safe usage, it is better to go for grade laser levels with at least an IP60 rating. This will assure you that your laser level is protected from water and debris. 

5. Pros and Cons of Grade Laser Levels 


  • They provide particular functions for grading projects 
  • They come typically with industry-grade casing for outdoor applications 
  • They feature extended working ranges suitable for outdoor projects


  • More expensive than regular laser levels
  • They come with delicate pendulums which require careful handling. 

Best 10 Grade Laser Levels 

Choosing the best grade laser level to work with can be challenging. There are numerous options to pick from, which can be a little overwhelming. Here are the ten best-grade laser levels we have found. You can’t go wrong with any of the grade laser levels below: 

1. Spectra Precision GL622N Versatile Grade Laser

This grade laser level is the ultimate tool for grading applications. It is incredibly sturdy and rugged. It also provides automatic self-leveling in vertical, horizontal, and grade planes. Its grade capability is between -25% to +25%. Because of this, the GL622N flexible grade laser can be used by specialty and general contractors in various grading, alignment, and excavating applications. 

This grader laser level is dual-slope. It has a built-in graphic and keypad display, making all alignment and grade functions incredibly easy to use. These features also help to increase productivity and reduce setup time significantly. This grade laser level also features the RC602N radio remote control with full function. This feature allows users to use the grade levels up to 500ft away. This helps to speed up the project the user is working on. It also comes with the latest HL 760 digital receiver, which offers an elevation’s digital readout. It can also be used at an operating range of up to 2600 feet. Spectra Precision can self-level in the vertical position to accommodate various applications such as tilt-up, anchor bolt installation, and curtain wall plumbing. This powerful tool has an IP67 rating which makes it dustproof and waterproof. So, it can withstand harsh working environments. 

2. Topcon RL-H5A

You can always rely on Topcon’s RL-H5A accuracy, particularly on exacting slopes. This tool allows users to easily project the cross slope and elevation they want for their projects. It doesn’t matter how often you use this grade laser level to set up slopes and height; you will always get accurate results. 

It has an accuracy of 3/64 inches at 100 feet. The working range on this grade laser level is 3600 feet, making it incredible for all applications. It is also a self-leveling tool. So, you won’t have to bother about ensuring that it’s always on the level when you use it for your project. This powerful grade laser level comes with two long-lasting AAA batteries. You can use it for up to 100 hours after a full charge. It also comes with a low battery indicator that alerts you when it needs to be charged. The RL-H5A has an IP66 rating, making it resistant to dust and water. So, you can use it anywhere and anytime on your work site. It also comes with a 5-year warranty, making it a preferred choice for construction professionals.

3. Topcon RL-SV2S Dual Slope Laser Level

The RL-SV2S is a multifunctional grade laser level suitable for indoor and outdoor projects. This tool is ideal for projects where users need a laser level for dual-slope, single slope, horizontal, or vertical applications. This grade laser level is incredibly easy to use. It also has all the features you need to get your project done.

This powerful and efficient grade laser level has successfully set new standards for rugged, simple, portable, and lightweight laser level designs. It comes with a radio remote control with dull function and allows users to use it at a far distance and still obtain accurate results. The operating range of this grade laser level is 800m. It also comes with long-lasting batteries. You can use this tool for up to 120 hours after a full charge. It also comes with a low battery indicator that lets you know when the battery is low. This grade laser level has an IP66 rating, making it debris and waterproof. It is rugged enough to be used on any construction work site. 

4. Spectra Precision GL722 Advanced Grade Laser

The Spectra GL722 is a dual-grade laser level and one of the latest grade laser levels available on the market. It has exciting features that ensure quick and exact setups for all grade applications. These features include grade matching, long-range operation, Automatic and Planelok Axis Management, and modern radio remote control with full function. The powerful remote control of this grade laser level can be used over long distances. 

Thanks to this advanced remote control, one person is enough to set up and run this grade laser level precisely. You can even do the grade reverse swiftly and immediately. The remote allows users to control all the functions of the transmitter automatically. You will also be able to change the grades on this laser level up to 225m or 750 feet on the fly. It has an operating range of 3000 feet. The x-axis has a grade range from -10% to +10%. And the Y-axis has a grade range from -0.5% to +25%. This powerful grade laser is perfect for site preparation, general construction, and road construction. 

5. Spectra Precision GL422N Dual Grade Laser

The Spectra GL422N is one of the most rugged and cost-effective dual-grade lasers. This grader laser level functions in three ways: Grades, levels, and vertical alignments. Irrespective of the working environments, this grade laser level will constantly provide precise and reliable results. This will help users to work smarter and faster. The sturdy GL422N grade laser level has been proven to withstand drops of up to three feet on concrete floors. It can also withstand tripod trip-overs of up to five feet. 

This rugged design and the dust and waterproof feature help lower repair costs and decrease downtime. It comes with either the advanced CR700 combination receiver or the HL760 Digital Readout receiver. These receivers offer the automatic PlaneLok, grade match, and fingerprint functions. The PlaneLok function automatically controls the existing vertical alignment or a horizontal elevation, removing all drifts and errors caused by incorrect calibration or improper weather. The grade match function estimates and displays the evident grade over the concealed ground. It then removes subsequent error-prone and time-consuming calculations. The special fingerprint function only connects to the laser’s beam it is paired with. 

6. Stabila LAR350 Rotary Laser Level For Grading

The Stabila LAR350 is a revolutionary rotary laser level. It makes taking measurements quicker, easier, and more efficient. You can use the included remote to control this rotary laser level at all times. It comes with an intuitive sensor. This feature helps detect the user’s hand movements and transfer them to the laser level. 

Because of the protection systems of this tool, dust and rainfalls cannot affect it. It is an automatic laser level ideal for vertical and horizontal applications. It can also be used for manual inclination in both axes. It also comes with a scan function that allows users to work on the laser line directly. This rotary laser level also features a LED Assist system which allows for straightforward operation. It also helps to ensure safety in the workplace. For instance, the LED assist system will indicate the axis being tilted or currently tilted. The operating range on this laser level is up to 800 meters.  It also comes with a protection system that Stabila patents. This tool can easily withstand drops of up to 1.80 meters. It has an IP65 rating which makes it ideal for harsh working environments. 

7. Spectra Precision GL412N Single Grade Laser

The Spectra GL412N is a robust single-grade laser level. It is one of the most affordable and rugged-grade laser levels available today. It is a fully automatic self-leveling single-grade laser tool that functions in three modes: grade, level, and vertical alignment. It comes with the HL760 digital readout receiver. This feature offers an automatic grade match that measures concealed grade values connecting a pair of points over the concealed ground

The interface of this grade laser level is menu-driven and easy to use. This interface reduces learning time and removes difficult button pressing to initiate the latest features. It also comes with a height-of-instrument alert. This feature helps to stop the tool from rotating when it’s jerking. This will help to prevent error-prone calculations. This powerful grade laser level will always give excellent performance in dusty, rainy, and other various harsh weather and work site conditions. It has a sturdy and durable design specially developed to withstand tripod tip-overs and accidental drops. 

8. Leica Rugby 680 Dual Grade Laser Level

The Leica Rugby grade laser level is an ideal semi-automatic construction laser level (dual grade). This laser level is incredibly powerful and comes with digital efficiency. It also features advanced laser squares, which level and align easier and faster than ever. This feature also helps to eliminate downtime and errors. You can use the Leica Rugby 680 for various applications. 

These applications include footings and foundation projects such as framework leveling, pad placement, and concrete forming. It features advanced Scan 90, which creates a layout faster and allows the beam to move to the right or left. It also comes with an intuitive sleep mode and plumb-down feature that helps to save energy without losing any information on your setup. When you use this grade laser level in the dual-axis mode, the dial-in grade feature allows users to operate the laser level efficiently and faster with its one-button operating system. This grade laser level also features the smart slope function that helps to monitor temperature and time. This feature is crucial because it will ensure accuracy and performance are sustained when using it. It has an IP67 rating, perfect for all construction works. 

9. Bosch GRL4000-80CHVK Rotary Laser Level For Grading

The Bosch GRL4000-80CHVK grade laser level is a self-leveling tool. It provides a complete solution for accurate indoor and outdoor leveling. It features a dual dial-in slope that allows for the adjustment of slope angles on both the X and Y-axis. This feature is handy in grading applications. This rotary laser level runs on a CORE 18V Bosch battery. It is highly durable and will last several hours after a full charge. This laser level is also compatible with 8.0 and 4.0 Ah Bosch batteries. Using BlueTooth connectivity, you can connect your smartphone to this laser level. 

This will link to the Bosch leveling app. So, you can control the laser level from anywhere around your working area. The laser level also comes with a User calibration feature (uCAL). The user will be taken through the calibration process step by step. Doing this will ensure that the laser level is accurate and prevent tool downtime. It has an operating range of up to 4000 feet. In vertical applications, it provides an accuracy of ⅛ inches at 100ft and accuracy of 1/16 inches at 100ft in horizontal applications. This powerful laser level has an IP68 rating, making it incredibly rugged and resistant to water and dust. It will function well in all harsh working conditions. 

10. Johnson Level & Tool 99-028K Dual Slope Rotary Laser

The Johnson 99-028k Rotary Laser (Dual Slope) is specially designed to complete all indoor and outdoor leveling projects. Users can also use this rotary laser level to align footings, posts, and more. You can also use it indoors to lay out floors and walls. It also has a dual-slope feature which ensures that the readings are accurate, making it perfect for flat work, drainage, and complex landscaping projects. This powerful tool also comes with audio and visual security alarms, ensuring comprehensive precision. The laser level will alert the user when the leveling range is wrong by flashing, and an audio alarm will also be triggered. The Johnson 99-028k is an excellent choice for flat work excavators, contractors, and anyone executing slope or vertical projects. This incredible rotary laser level can self-level vertically and horizontally, making layouts like footings, fencing, and drywall tracks easier and faster.

Accuracy Level 

The accuracy level of grade laser levels is incredibly high. They deliver one of the most precise results among other laser-level types. Users should go for self-leveling grade laser levels to get the best accuracy. They will self-level on any surface you place them on, allowing the grade laser level to give users accurate readings. 

Ease of Use 

The grade laser level is relatively easy to use. However, some users might consider them to be complex. This is because grade laser levels have numerous features that can sometimes be overwhelming. Once you can use all the features that come with the grade laser level, you will find that they are straightforward to use. 

Mounting Capability 

Grade laser levels usually come with tripods, making them incredibly easy to mount. You can also use several mounting options for your grade laser level. One vital thing to note is that grade laser levels can withstand tripod trip-overs. So, if you mount your grade laser level and it falls, it won’t get damaged. 

Final Verdict 

Grade laser levels are the ideal tool for construction professionals. They are specially made to make all work site leveling projects easy. However, there are crucial factors you have to consider before choosing the one that will suit your project. These factors include power source, the kind of beam you want, IP rating, and more. With this ultimate guide, you should know what to look for when buying your grade laser level and the best grade levels for your next project!