Best Laser Level for Outdoor Use of 2023

What results from using laser levels? Efficiency, reliability, and convenience! The best laser level can help with a wide range of tasks. They can help level walls and floor plans, install boards for deck construction, and set up suitable irrigation systems. 

Laser Levels are superior to spirit levels. But how can you find the ideal laser level for your outdoor projects? You will find the best laser level for outdoor use in this guide and learn everything you need to understand about utilizing laser levels for outdoor projects!

Why is a Laser Level Suitable for Use Outside?

The best laser-level tool is used in building projects and surveying. A laser level is used to check surface levels. It uses light to trace a line on the surface, either vertically or horizontally. Laser levels can be used for indoor projects like putting in floors and cabinets or for outdoor projects like topography leveling and decking. 

How Does a Laser Level Work Outside?

This tool makes doing do-it-yourself projects more straightforward, comfortable, and enjoyable. You can use laser levels both inside and outside. They work exceptionally well on outdoor tasks like building and surveying. You could use them to set the ground level or set a foundation.

The Red Versus the Green Laser Beam

The green laser beam is easier to see for outdoor projects than the red beam for outside projects. It looks more visible to the observer, who may have a color vision defect. The red laser works better in places with less light, like a sealed unit.

When working outside, think about the type of laser level as well as the shading of the beam. Rotary laser levels with green beams are excellent for use outdoors because they can make 180 degrees on parallel, perpendicular, or 360-degree planes.

Some of the Necessary Items You Might Need

A user must get extra accessories matching their model with a laser level. These accessories will make it easy for any user to use a laser level outside. These items are:

  • A laser level analyzer or detector.
  • A laser target card.
  • A laser identification glasses.  

Laser Levels: A Comprehensive Look at the Best Options

1. ENGiNDOT Self Leveling Laser Level 50ft – Best Value

Would you like an excellent laser level that won’t let you break the bank? This Engindot laser level could be what you need. This laser does more than just level surfaces. It also has an adjustable mount (clamp) to hold or mount itself.

The mount, or clamp, is a steel frame with a smooth surface to the top that helps connect the base of the laser machine. It also allows users to rotate the laser level completely at 360 degrees and use its beam in any direction.

Engindot laser level is designed with two beam models. The red and green beam laser. The red Engindot laser can be used for indoor leveling tasks, whereas the green laser looks perfect for indoor and outdoor leveling tasks.

You also get a merge mode that makes a laser cross line on flat surfaces and will be precise (one-eighth of an inch at 30 feet). This model performed best indoors, from the placement of the tiles to the doors and windows fixing, and so on.

The Engindot laser is handy and straightforward to use. It’s big enough to sit still on its mount but also small and easy to control.

The soft polyester removable pouch with it is a feature every user likes. It can hold the laser and the mount, keeping them safe from water and dust when not in use. It runs on two AA model batteries, which are included in the box:


  • The beam is bright
  • Its parallel beam strike to the ground is just right.
  • At a slower flicker rate, the beam is highly reliable.
  • It has the support of a magnetic adaptor, which makes it accessible to self-level.
  • It has a classic ¼ inches by 20mm thread clamp. This makes it easy to fasten the laser machine to the clamp.


  • The laser isn’t luminous enough to use outside. You might want a lid for shade.
  • The striking beam might be too thick and not accurate enough.

Our Verdict

This Engindot laser level model is a cheap laser level that makes it easy to find the level position of photo frames on the wall, tile floors, and calibrate skirting lines.

The device is compact and easy to use because it has an adjustable mount auto-leveling. For the price, it works brilliantly and is a good choice.

Even though the laser beam isn’t very vibrant, you can use identification glasses to improve the faded beam on the surface and then see the lines correctly.

From analysis, it’s worth spending money on this Engindot laser.

2. The Huepar Box-1G 150ft/45m Laser Level: The Best All-Rounder

The cross-sectional line that strikes from the Huepar Box laser level makes it quite effective. It uses a green beam that is very precise and shiny. Its projection angle is 130 degrees to the left and 150 degrees to the right. This can be used in several ways to level and align surfaces. The Huepar Box laser level has distinct features required to balance windows, door frames, and fixing tiles

This laser level is powered by four AA alkaline batteries, which makes it last longer. When charged, it has an operational life of about 4 to 5 hours straight with all the laser beams. This laser has a robust magnetic L-shaped frame that can be attached to a steel tripod mount and moves the laser machine about 180 degrees. It also has 1/4-inch to 20mm clamp threads that fit a standard tripod, making installation very easy. 

Its TPR soft rubber pouch housing the laser machine makes it more dependable and portable. As it is a multipurpose laser tool, you can use a click button on the device to choose between a cross-sectional line that is either vertical, horizontal, or both. Its rotational system lets the laser tool level itself and indicates whether or not the surface is level. It has a shiny beam, so you can use it outside without struggling to see.


  • Ideal for working outside at night.
  • Its rubber body lets it sustain falls from high places.
  • It is easy to run for up to five hours.


  • The laser beam isn’t very shiny when in a very bright environment.

Our Verdict

This Huepar laser leveling tool is excellent if you need to level different surfaces simultaneously because it’s self-leveling.

Its mount is unique in that when the laser system is placed, it projects its beam on a wall without requiring a third arm to retain the item and screw it. This laser level is reliable because the steel parts are compelling, and the magnetic brackets are very beneficial.

This laser level is a great deal and worked fine.

3. Best With 360-Degree Level – Huepar Self-Leveling Green Laser Level

The Huepar self-leveling green laser level has a super-bright 360-degree horizontal and a 135.5-degree vertical green beam. Even on a large land area, this Laser Level model can be used to level every surface.

The Huepar green laser level is exceptional because it also shows the target surface’s vertical and horizontal focused coordinates. The up-and-down leveling spot gives you more flexibility to use it to suit your requirements. These include things like transferring points and plumbing. You can choose between the five beam thicknesses you desire.

The Huepar green laser level is auto-leveling and has an outdoor signal notifier that notifies the user at a certain level range. It also projects a green light that is clearer than the usual red light and is easier to see outside. Its accuracy level is about +/-1/9 inches at about 33 feet for lines and 1/9 inch at 33 feet for dots.

It also helps make the laser range longer and lasts longer outside.

This laser level uses an intelligent rotational system that will help it auto-level and show if it’s level or not. It has an IP54-rated top laser protective cover that protects against dust and water. This lets you work well even in dangerous environmental conditions.

It also has 1/4 inch by 20 foot and 5/8 inch by 11-foot installation threads, allowing it to be used with various tripods. This makes it very steady.



  • Its strong magnetic holder makes it hard to pull out of a clamp or mount.

Our Verdict

For the cost, this Huepar self-leveling green laser level is worth it because it has a cross line with two plumb dots and is a great laser tool. Its green laser beam is easy to see outside. You can also use it in direct sunlight, even on a reflective surface.

This laser is excellent because it works well in all directions and has a more precise line than most lasers.

It can stick to metal surfaces without a tripod mount because it has a powerful magnet built into the bottom.

4. DeWalt DW088K leveling laser (Self-Leveling and Cross-Line)

The DEWALT Line Laser is great for technicians and DIYers working on home and business projects like laying floor or wall tiles or surveying out designs.

It has two sharp, bright traveling beams you can use for different leveling setups and grading tasks. The laser makes clear lines that go up and down and cross each other. Those lines are about 1/8 of an inch thick, with a precision range of about 9.5 meters (31.2 feet).

This DeWALT laser model uses a magnetic core already built in. Its powerful magnet makes it easy to stick to metal tripods.

It has a tough protective cover and is water and dust-proof (IP54). This keeps it from tearing quickly and lasts longer when properly taken care of.

Because it has a full vibration mode, you can work with it for about 50.3 meters without dimming the light to make it easier to see.


  • It has a hard case, so it is less likely to get broken.
  • The laser also works very well for outdoor projects. 
  • It’s convenient to set it up even for a first-time user.


  • It might be hard to see the laser when the sunlight is intense.
  • The beamline may be too thick on some surfaces.

Our Verdict

The Dewalt line laser is an excellent pick you can count on. The machine itself is robust and won’t wear down, even if it falls from a high place. You often get a protective hard plastic case.

The magnetic support works very well at the edges of the walls. It is straightforward to use because it levels itself, and the laser levels are exact.

It works brilliantly for hours on 3 AA batteries. The laser can project beams that are either in the horizontal plane or vertical plane, or even both at the same time.

But this laser uses only a red light beam, which isn’t easy to see outside when it’s bright.

5. Best With Cross-Check Vials – JOHNSON 40-6164 Laser Level

The head of the Johnson Magnetic Torpedo Laser Level can be turned by hand. It moves between a single vertical line and a horizontal line. And it has a small in-built leveling bottle that makes the laser level prediction more accurate.

It has a body made of aluminum alloy and a magnet on the bottom. This helps keep it stable for accurate leveling.

It works great for outdoor projects because it has a unique laser system. The laser beam’s accuracy makes your work easier. It’s great for personal jobs like making photos, doors, window frames, and topsoil leveling.

It has a warranty that covers it for three years.


  • It includes a soft backpack for extra batteries.
  • It’s inexpensive. 
  • It projects a laser beam that goes in more than one straight path.
  • A laser beam that is clear, sharp, and precise. 
  • Its magnetic core will last a long time.


  • It’s not suitable for heavy-duty jobs.

Our Verdict

The cost and features of the Johnson Magnetic Torpedo Laser Level make it an excellent choice for (newbies). It’s also very flexible, so you can use it for multiple jobs. So it’s the only option that helps in saving you both time and money while giving you greater precision and sturdiness.

For Outside Use, What Is The Finest Laser Level Out There?

There are many brands and types of laser levels in the market. Outdoor projects are best done with the Huepar self-leveling green laser level and the Dewalt Line Laser DW088K. 

What to Note Before Buying The Best Laser Level For Your Outdoor Project 

1. The direction of the Beam

The angle of the line that the laser projects makes a laser system essential. This is called beam orientation. There are three primary directions (coordinates): parallel, perpendicular, and all-around (360 degrees). Good quality laser levels can be used in all three directions, but cheap brands and models can only be used in one direction.

2. Accuracy 

Accuracy is an essential point you should look for in the best laser level when planning to buy. If your laser level isn’t accurate, it will be challenging to get the flat, and level line projection will be challenging. This makes it crucial to have a unique and uniform surface level.

3. Self-Leveling Function

The self-leveling function is yet another essential thing to think about. With this characteristic, the laser level will automatically adjust to make up for any slight differences in the surface. If you intend to use the laser tool often, it must be able to carry out the leveling task itself.

4. User-friendly

This depends on the model of the laser and how convenient it is to use. Some models only have one button with a label, while others have more than one way to control the system.

Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Laser Level When Used for Outdoor Projects

1. Careful Handling

Even if the outer casing or box of the laser machine is tough, it does have a laser sensor inside, and as such, lasers are very delicate. Careless handling of the machine is a bad idea. Even if your laser can level itself, if it is moved around carelessly, it will be difficult to attain accuracy.

To make your laser last, always put it in a case when you’re done. This will make it last longer and be more beneficial to you.

2. Power Unit

Make sure your laser batteries are fully charged. A dead unit can be frustrating. You can use your outdoor laser level whenever you need to if you keep it powered up.

3. Regular Cleaning 

Make sure your laser machine is always clean. Most can’t withstand water, dust, or other particles. When you consistently keep the unit in a hazardous place, it will damage the machine. If it looks like it is getting wet, take it off the place. If it gets dirty, dust it. For your outdoor laser level to maintain accurate outputs, it must always be clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do Laser Levels Work?

Laser-level machine projects one or even more focused, straight, and pointy light beams on a target surface. The projected beam comes from a sensor (bright lighting diode) at a laser level to make a continuous line for measurements.

2. What’s A Merge (Cross-line) Laser?

A merge laser is an improved version of a line laser that works like a line laser. But it has a reflector that could turn the laser about 0 or 180 degrees in either the transverse or both directions. So, a precise, steady beam is made that is very simple to see.

3. Which Is Best: A Red Laser Or a Green Laser Level?

The green laser is a unique model to use if you are handling an outdoor task with a bright light surrounding and suitable for indoor tasks. Most people like the green laser level because of its visibility in bright light environments, even though green laser models cost much more than red laser models. 

4. Can I Use a Laser Level During the Day?

Be aware that natural light might make it hard to see the beams, so green lasers might be better for leveling tasks during the day or in a bright light room.

5. What is a Good Laser Level that Doesn’t Cost Much?

There are a few Self-Leveling Cross Laser Levels that are satisfactory, cheap, and more adaptable. Most of the better laser levels are costly. Hence, finding a decent one that is also cheap can be challenging. Many of the best lasers now cost between $350 to $2000, with the rotary laser level being the most expensive. Research also shows that the rotary is most effective for outdoor and intensive work.

6. Is it Possible to Use A Laser Level in the Rain?

However, it is best to check the IP rating of your laser level from its user’s manual before exposing it to rain. Several laser levels can withstand exposure to typical thunderstorms and rainfall. Laser levels with the IP rating from IPX5 and above are better waterproof, fogproof and shockproof. However, laser levels must be made dry immediately after being used in the rain before putting them inside their carrying boxes.


The Huepar self-leveling green laser level, the Dewalt Line Laser DW088K, and the Tacklife SC-L01-50 are the best laser levels in the industry, as reviewed in this article. They are the most common laser levels. Each of these line lasers can be used in more than one plane and is made to last. 

Also, people who want a laser level with unique features like buzzing notifications won’t be disappointed. Always think about the type of projects you’ll use the laser level for the most. Consider which features will be most beneficial to you before purchasing one.