Best Laser Level For Grading Of 2023

Laser levels are great for convenience and high precision. They excel in laser beam projections across a room or site and ledger board hanging, especially in deck jobs. Many laser levels are available in the market, and a good laser level can make a difference in your project.

This article will give you a run-down of the best laser level for grading you should purchase today. But before we go into that detail, there are some essential factors to consider when choosing a laser level

Considerations To Make When Making Your Choice of Best Laser Level For Grading

The best laser levels for grading have their differences when it comes to accuracy and efficiency. Let’s explore important considerations to make before making your purchase: 

1. Laser Color

Though this aspect might not be considered that much by many, the truth is laser color plays a vital role in ensuring you make the right choice of laser level for your project. Depending on the project you’re working on, two different types of laser colors are used. They are green and red lasers.

2. Green Laser

One exciting aspect of using a green laser is that they are visible from afar. That is why they are the best option for any project that is carried out outdoors. Before you opt for green laser options, you must also know they are more costly. They also have a stronger influence on the eye of the user than the red laser.

3. Red Laser

The red laser is not as powerful as the green one, but it’s a great option if you want to save battery. Unlike the green laser beam, which is costly, the red laser beam is affordable. It is one of the most preferred options for the best laser levels for grading.

You can see that the two different laser colors have pros and cons for these analyses. However, employing any of them in the project they best fit is vital.

4. The Beam Orientation

A vital feature that should be considered when choosing the best laser level for grading is beam orientation. Going for a beam orientation should depend on your purchase budget. Laser levels come with an orientation plane consisting of one horizontal and two vertical dual laser beams. There’s also a possibility that any of these planes could work up to a 360-degree angle. 

Though the horizontal and vertical dual beam lasers are great, a 360-degree laser level can offer you so much during your project. For instance, if you’re working on a project and want to hang a load of pictures in a room, the 360-degree laser level will perform excellently. It can help you with hanging all the pictures swiftly.

5. The Mounting

Laser Levels are great if you intend to work hands-free. All you need to do is set them up, and once that is done, they can work freely on their own. While your project is ongoing, you can also use the laser for reference.

The mounting and the laser level features are vital. Some laser-level options even include small pins that can be used for mounting on dry walls. At the same time, some make use of tripods and a combination of metal studs for support. So it would be nice to consider the mounting best for your project to ensure that it delivers at optimum capacity.

Our Top Selection

Our top selection of laser levels can offer you the best accuracy during your project. No matter the type of project you have on your mind, one of these options will make an excellent choice: 

1. Spectra Precision Grade Laser

When it comes to high precision and long-range efficiency, the Spectra Precision Grade Laser performs well. Vertical and horizontal laser leveling is also efficient with this option. The 90-degree site squaring is also one of the fascinating features of this product. The Spectra Precision GL622N Versatile Grade Laser has a complete function remote that works in two patterns. 

The grade you intend to use for all the axes should be inputted via the radio or instrumental remote control. The values will show on the LCD display. On the X and Y axis, you’ll see that the grade ranges from -25% to +25%. The Spectra Precision Grade Laser can also excel in curtain walling and bolt installations. 

The device is also compatible with 90-degree squaring. The electronic blanking of the emitted laser is also possible on three sides to ensure that it doesn’t encounter the crew working on the project. 

2. Topcon RL-H5A

If you’re looking for a laser level capable of working on both vertical and horizontal axis, the Topcon Accuracy Slope Laser excels excellently in this aspect. You can use the Topcon Laser level for a vast array of options, from external constructions, geopositioning, construction, land survey, layout, geospatial monitoring, and foundation and other applications. 

The operating range is about 3000 ft. when utilizing a laser receiver, thanks to its high precision and accuracy, producing up to horizontal +7 arc in less than a minute. This Accuracy Slope Laser also comes with a vast grade distance of -10 to +25 perfect and a +5 degree auto-level rate. 

The Topcon Laser level also features a beam masking mood that allows more than one team to carry out measurements while comparing it with various readings. If you’re looking to gain more accuracy while using the Topcon Laser, the speed adjustment ranges are 300, 600, and 900 rotations for each minute. 

The Topcon Accuracy Slope Laser also comes with an LCD screen that enables users to see every working piece of data. It is also waterproof and dustproof, and you’ll be glad to know that it comes with a 1P66 rating and a run time of up to 100 hours.

3. Topcon Dual-Slope RL-SV2S Laser Level

If you’re undergoing multiple projects simultaneously, the Topcon Dual-Slope is the right product that will suit your multitasking needs best. You can use it for many projects, from interior to construction. Suppose you find yourself in projects that involve a laser that excels at vertical or dual-slope applications, single slope applications, and horizontal applications. In that case, the Topcon Dual-Slope is an ideal option for you to choose. 

The Topcon Dual-Slope Laser Level has all the top features a laser level should have, so rest assured that your projects are in good hands when you make this product your choice. You’ll think it’ll be complicated to use due to its many features, but the Topcon Dual-Slope is very easy to use.

The Topcon Dual-Slope Laser Level comprises single slope, horizontal slope, and vertical or dual slope functions. It also comes with an operative radio remote that efficiently provides a long-range operation of 800m and a battery life of 120 hours.

4. Spectra Precision GL722 Laser Level

The Spectra Precision GL722 Advanced Laser Level is one of the most sophisticated laser levels available today. This device’s fascinating attributes include the long-range operation, automated axis alignment, Planelok, grade matching, and the radio remote. 

Setting up grade applications is possible with the GL722 Laser Level, thanks to the automated axis alignment. Operating the Spectra Precision can also be done easily by a single person with the help of the long-range remote control that comes with the device. 

The grade reverse works efficiently and instantly. Transmitter features of the Spectra Precision GL722 Advanced Laser Level can be easily controlled with the remote control from any position. You can even utilize the remote control efficiently when sitting down. There’s a protective lens hood in place that ensures that the laser works at optimum capacity in every weather. The control panel of the Spectra Precision GL722 Advanced Laser Level is weather-resistant. 

5. Spectra Precision GL422N Grade Laser Level

If you’re looking for a laser level with great durability and ruggedness, the Spectra Precision Dual Grade Laser Level should be your pick. The Spectra Precision Dual Grade Laser Level is capable of making three applications: vertical alignment, grading, and leveling. The Spectra Precision Dual Grade Laser Level is known to be efficient and reliable when utilized for any project. 

It makes your work faster and provides more accuracy for you when operational. It can withstand a fall of three feet onto a solid surface made of concrete. It also features water and dustproof capabilities, which means it can withstand climate conditions. 

The ruggedness of the GL422N Dual Grade Laser makes it a worthy option for your project, especially if you’re looking to reduce the maintenance cost of the device. The laser systems contained in the device are compatible with a sophisticated HL760 digital receiver that readouts to enable provision for fingerprint, Planelok, and automated grade match.

6. Stabila LAR350 Laser Level 

The laser of the Stabila Rotary Laser Level is capable of rotating, which is great for horizontal and vertical applications. It excels in motion control which is why the rotational laser function works efficiently. It can detect your hand’s motion thanks to the motion sensor built into the device. Once the motion sensor detects a hand motion, the motion sensor transmits the hand motion onto the laser.

The Stabila Rotary Laser Level also has a dual inclination slope that is in place to ensure that the device functions at the best capacity. The fascinating aspect is that you can set it at 5 degrees on both axes without a sweat. It comes with outstanding durability that enables the device last longer. A drop from 6 feet will not damage the Stabila Laser Level so you can guarantee its ruggedness. 

7. Spectra Precision Single-Grade Laser Level 

This device is a single-grade laser capable of self-leveling. You can use the Spectra Precision Laser Level for multiple applications, including projects that utilize concrete. The triple digital receivers built into the device work together with a powerful CR700 detector. 

The Spectra Precision Laser Level has a level plane and vertical capabilities. Vertical self-plumb on the device is possible since the Spectra Precision GL412N is a single-grade laser. Thanks to these capabilities, the Single Grade Laser Level can also be very effective in bolt installations and walling. So if you’re looking to engage in a digging project or grading project, this is a perfect tool.

8. Leica Rugby Dual-Grade Laser Level 

If you’re looking for a way to carry out your projects in style and convenience, then you need the 680 Dual-Grade Laser Level. Engineers working on flat surfaces will enjoy using this device because it is great for dual or single slope construction. This semi-automated laser level excels in leveling and grading jobs. It does a quick job, so you won’t bother about time-wasting or errors occurring. An innovative slope tech is also in place to ensure that temperature changes are properly monitored.

Even in the most severe weather conditions, you can rest assured that the Leica Rugby 680 Dual-Grade Laser Level will deliver accurately. The easy-to-use interface ensures that beginners can also find their way around the device. Its menu consists of 4 buttons and a digital display. This laser level will suit your needs if you’re engaging in outdoor projects

9. Bosch GRL4000-80CHVK Laser Level 

One of the best options available for outdoor and indoor leveling in recent times is the GRL4000-80CHVK Rotary Laser Level. This Laser Level is a special rotary laser designed with a user engagement calibration. You can use this device’s dual dial features if you’re looking for a way to carry out the angle and slope adjustments. The features are also capable of working efficiently with the X and Y-axis. The runtime is long due to the 4.0 and 8.0 mah lithium-ion battery that comes with it. 

This device’s durability is spectacular since it comes with a protective rubber casing capable of withstanding harsh and rough environments. You can use it for indoor and outdoor projects since it has waterproof and dustproof capabilities. One exciting feature that you’ll love is the Bluetooth connectivity of the device.

You only need to download the Bosch remote app on your smartphone and connect your Bosch Rotary Laser to your phone. Other control features include sleep mode, dial-in slope, and others. The Bosch Rotary Laser Level is self-leveling, enabling you to work smart and fast on your projects. 

10. Johnson Level Dual-Slope Rotary Laser Level

This laser level was designed to suit the experts in the field of laser level handling. If you’re a homeowner, the Tool 99-028K Rotary Laser Level is the perfect option for your home projects. You can carry out your vertical applications with this device and expect an excellent result, especially when it comes to fencing and footing. 

The shielding case makes the device durable and capable of carrying out excavation and grading projects effectively. The Johnson Level Dual-Slope Rotary Laser Level is affordable for homeowners and capable of measuring the height of a floor when a wall is about to be mounted on that floor. You can also use it to carry out drop ceiling installations. The exterior range is up to 1500 feet, while the interior is 200 feet.

In the kit that accompanies the Johnson Level Dual-Slope Rotary Laser Level, you’ll find an instruction manual, battery charger, remote control, tripod, and magnetic target, amongst other things. The Johnson Level Dual-Slope Rotary Laser Laser is an excellent choice for fence alignment, excavation, footing leveling, and grading.

What Is a Grade Laser Level?

A grade laser level is used to carry out surveys and construction projects. It involves fixing a laser beam indicator on a leveled tripod to achieve a certain level of accuracy. When you place the grade laser level along a horizontal or vertical axis, it emits a green or red beam.

The Types of Grade Lasers

There are two types of grade lasers. These are single slope and dual slope grade lasers. A single slope enables you to read at a time on one axis. The dual-slope can handle two readings of two different slopes on two axes. 

Methods For Grade Setting

Grade Lasers are of two different settings, which are the semi-automatic and fully automatic settings. For instance, a rotating laser like the Leica Rugby 680 is known to have a semi-automatic grade setting. You can use a semi-automatic grade laser to carry out various construction projects. They can level quickly, square, and align adequately to ensure an accurate result that will leave less room for errors. 

An excellent example of a fully automatic laser is the Spectra grade laser, which can reduce downtime while producing very accurate results. When using a Spectra grade laser, you’ll notice that most of its functions are automatic. In other words, they work automatically. A vast array of interactive features give room for accuracy, which is very important. 


If you must buy a grade laser level, there are various considerations you’ll need to make before starting on that path. One of the essential things to remember is that your choice of laser level must match your projects. The goal here is to ensure that the laser level you need for grading meets the requirement of your project. 

The best laser levels for grading often give accurate results, which is vital in every project. Going for a laser level less than standard will lead to errors when carrying out your measurements, which can ruin the whole project. That is why we recommend you pick from the best laser levels for grading in this article. We guarantee you will find the right pick that suits your construction project!