Best Laser Level for Electricians of 2023

Electricians are professionals who can benefit significantly from laser levels. As a modern tool that accurately measures the horizontal and vertical axis, electricians can utilize them for installing wires and aligning wires to the wall. With the abundance of laser levels in the market, it might be challenging to pick the right fit to perform all necessary tasks. 

Worry no more. We’ve written this guide to help you get the best for your electrical projects! 

What Should you Look Out for When Buying a Laser Level for Electricians?

There are varying vital factors to consider before buying a laser level for electricians. Considering these areas gives you less room for making a mistake in your purchase because they provide detailed explanations of what you need to look out for. The three major areas are:

1. Accuracy

The type of accuracy you wish to get with this laser-level tool must be a driving force in your purchase. Laser levels for electricians offer varying accuracy. That is why you must know the accuracy you wish to attain during your operation to ensure you actualize it precisely as intended.

Once you know the desired accuracy, you can barely make a mistake in your laser level choice. Laser levels provide more accuracy than spirit levels, making them a better option for electricians.

2. Is it a Self-leveling Laser Level?

The fact is that not all laser levels have self-leveling tendencies. Some laser levels do not have this feature, so you must check to ensure that you do not make the wrong decision in your purchase. If you want a self-leveling laser, stick with the one that has that feature listed.

3. Can it Transfer a Point from the Floor to the Ceiling?

This aspect is where a lot of electricians get it wrong. It would help if you made proper inquiries about the laser level you want to purchase. Do you want a laser level that can transfer a point from the floor to the ceiling? Focus on the focal areas to ensure the tool completely fulfills the purpose of its purchase.

Top 4 Best Laser for Electricians

These four best laser levels are good for electricians who embark on electrical projects. They will save you more time and require less effort in carrying out tasks. The list of the top 4 best lasers for electricians includes:

1. DEWALT Durable Line Laser Level

One of the top 4 best lasers for electricians is the DW088K durable line laser level. It is a brand of DEWALT, and it consists of composite material as well as diverse colors. The dimension of this product is LxWxH 9.65 x 9.25 x 4.41 inches, while the style is line laser. 

This laser level is highly durable, and it possesses over molded housing. However, the rating is a 1-meter drop. The tool for this laser level includes a patented integrated magnetic bracket. A unique feature of this laser level is its debris and water resistance coupled with its rating, IP54. 

You can use this laser level for tasks up to 165 feet as long as you use it alongside a detector. The detector is usually not sold together with the laser level, so you might need to purchase it separately.

Another item essential for use with this laser level that is usually sold separately is the tripod which is helpful for the 1/4-inch – 20 thread mount. As a durable product, the storage case is also durable, ensuring that the laser level stays protected in the case. With this laser level, you can attain about 1/8-inch accuracy at 30 feet.

A point to note is that this laser level possesses a class 2 laser, which gives a less than or equal to 1.3 MW at 630 680nm output power. Regarding the extra information about this product, it weighs 1 pound. The dimensions of the product are 9.65 x 9.25 x 4.41 inches. 

The power source for this laser level is its batteries, which are initially from China, and the batteries are Lithium Polymer (1). It produces a voltage of 4.5 volts and can make a measurement accuracy of 4 degrees. The battery cell type that comes with this laser level is zinc chloride. After purchase, you are guaranteed a 3-year limited warranty.

2. JOHNSON Laser Level and Tool

Here is another laser that is a top choice for electricians to use for projects. It offers self-leveling with a visual out-of-level indicator. With this laser, be assured of horizontal and vertical laser lines projections simultaneously and cross-line lasers. 

Angle layout is possible with this laser since it possesses 360 degrees graduated base. During transportation, you can be confident the inner pendulum is well protected as it has a locking mechanism. The interior layout is vertical and horizontal.

It comes with a ⅝ inch – 11 thread carry case made with a hard shell to ensure maximum protection. Also, this laser comes with an elevating tripod, tinted glasses, and laser. It possesses a self-leveling (pendulum) as its leveling method. At the same time, the wavelength of the laser is 635nm+/-10nm (Red). 

The laser classification for this product is Class Illa with power output (maximum) as </= 5mW. With this laser level, you can attain an accuracy of +/-1/4″/35′ (+/-0.6mm/m) and about 100 feet (30m) for the interior range. However, this interior range measurement depends on the light condition. 

The range of this product’s self-leveling is +/- 6 degrees, and its power supply is three and dependent on 3 “AAA” alkaline batteries. Usage of this product with the battery is for about 12 hours even when you use it continuously. The available dimensions of this product are 5 inches x 4 inches x 3.5 inches (127x102x89mm) with a weight of 1.2Ibs (0.54kg). 

While using this product, the working temperature ranges from -10 degrees Celsius to +45 degrees Celsius. For additional information about this product, the thread for the center screw is ⅝ inches – 11. It comes with a tripod and enhancement glasses as well.

It is important to note that the IP protection class for this product is 54, and it has a warranty for as long as 3 years. They are highly efficient in their duties and handling several project types like leveling cabinets, tiling walls, and hanging shelving and pictures. 

3. BOSCH GTL2 Cheap and Simple Laser Level

This unique Bosch laser offers a durable plastic over-mold in key impact areas. Its dimensions are LxWxH 18.75 x 15.75 x 6 inches with a horizontal, laser, and square style. The weight of this product is 1 pound.

The projection with this laser is vertical and horizontal chalk lines regardless of the surface you place it on that is within 30 feet. The laser lines of its projects are evident, sharp, and bright, ensuring they assist you in squaring, aligning, and angling at 90° while squaring walls, bathroom flooring layout, and squaring kitchen files. 

Its alignment guides are suitable for a layout of 90°. It also turns angles and calculates them in increments that are within 5°. Using this product is easy because it can power 2 perpendicular laser lines with a simple one button. For the 2 lines (90°), they go off and on and permit flooring pros to begin bathroom tile or kitchen tile layout fast

Another fascinating feature about this laser level is its button, which is easy to press and push. It enables the laser tool to create smooth surfaces with a non-abrasive adhesive that permits surface posting and ensures the attachment is fixed. For this product, the laser diode is Class IIM, = 1 mW at 650 nm. While using this product, you can get accuracy and precision of about ±1 2-in at 30 feet. Concerning the accuracy of this product, the vials are efficient in ensuring the tile is level making the laser lines (2) precisely at a 90° angle.

4. PLS 3 Dots Laser Tool with Green Laser Beams

The last of the top 4 best lasers for electricians is the PLS 3 dots laser tool with green laser beams. It is a laser-style product that is a brand of Pacific Laser Systems and comprises a plastic material. The color of this product is green with dimensions that span to LxWxH 5.75 x 4.25 x 8.5 inches.

One of the features of this laser level is that it has a 3-point. Its features easily permit plumb alignment. It is important to note that this laser comes with IP54 water and dust protection.

The pendulum for these products can lock and is 1M drop tested. This item weighs 1.3 pounds and comes with 3 AA batteries, mainly used for powering the laser. The cell type of the battery is alkaline, and the warranty comes with this product for 3 years.


1. What Is the Usefulness of a Laser Level?

Laser levels have multiple uses. They can perform the tasks that a bubble or spirit level can and even more. Laser levels project a laser beam of light across a job site or a whole room, a point of reference for projects. They are also helpful in performing big tasks.

2. What Are the Types of Laser Levels?

Laser levels primarily exist in 2 types which are automatic and manual. The automatic laser level gives less room for errors with its ability to align the axis perfectly. In comparison, the manual laser level does not entirely give more room for mistakes since they are majorly manually used.

3. Which Laser Level Is Best for Outdoor Use?

Typically, the red laser is the best choice for areas with low light, such as an enclosed area. The beam color is a significant cause, but it is essential to know the type of laser level you want to use for outdoor projects. Rotary laser levels allow them to form 360-degree planes vertically, horizontally, or both, making them an excellent choice for outdoor projects.

4. Are Laser Levels Proper for Electricians?

Yes, they certainly are. Line laser levels enable electrical contractors to carry out horizontal and vertical laying, plumb spots efficient for all sorts of overhead electrical work, layout out of electrical outlets and switches, and plumb horizontal cable trays.

5. Are Tripods Necessary for Laser Level?

Yes, they are. Usually, tripods come with laser levels, so you do not have to purchase them separately. The tripod types vary. Some have a base you can detach and attach to a standard tripod. In contrast, others have a threaded hole that permits any standard camera tripod to work with it.

6. Is It Possible To See Green Lasers in Daylight?

Yes, it is. Green lasers provide a light that is brighter than red laser light by 50 times. They allow you to see the light they produce in direct sunlight or during broad daylight. They are a good choice for dark mining sites for efficient mining.

7. Is Buying a Laser Level a Good Idea?

Yes, it is. Laser levels are a highly functional tool that can save you a lot of effort and time in specific projects. They are even more efficient than spirit levels. Laser levels provide excellent accuracy and precision with several unique functions and features.


Choosing the best laser level for electricians is easy with our expert guide. Laser-level tools are essential for individuals in different spheres of work. There are laser levels for builders, surveyors, electricians, and other professionals. Electricians require a specific type of laser-level tool to fulfill their tasks. With this article, you’d undoubtedly have a good idea of the type of laser level you need to purchase to ensure that a proper job is done.